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Huesker Fornit® and Duogrid® Pavement Stabilization Geogrid
Fornit® is manufactured from high strength polypropylene yarn and polymer coated after weaving to protect against installation damage and UV radiation, this means Fornit® geogrid is hardwearing and durable. Laboratory and field tests confirm these properties.

Huesker Fornit® geogrid dramatically increases the bearing strength of aggregate bases and subgrades in paved and unpaved roads by distributing the applied loads and concentrated loads over a larger area. This greatly reduces the required bearing capacity of the underlying soils.

Trials have shown that Fornit® geogrid mobilizes the forces it carries into the surrounding material even at low strains and therefore offers a high degree of soil reinforcement. This reinforcement is achieved by excellent interlock between the materials in the basecourse layer and the subgrade by confining the basecourse and reinforcing it against short-term, dynamic loads.

The strength and robustness of Fornit® 20/20 ensure that it fully meets the demands of most aggregate base layer stabilization applications however Fornit® 30/30 or 40/40 is available for higher loadings and extreme conditions .

Duogrid® used where filtration and separation of the subgrade from the basecouese layer is required. Duogrid® is a geocomposite of Fornit® and a non-woven geotextile and is available in the same strength grades as Fornit®.

- Good grid/soil interaction through optimum sizing of the geogrid mesh to suit the maximum coarse particle size of the soil
- Robust interlocking mechanism and confinement effect.
- Interaction with subgrade.
- High tensile strength at low elongation with a high ultimate tensile strength
- High resistance to soil-borne micro-oganisms and chemicals, UV radiation and mechanical damage
- Problem-free installation due to negligible weight per square metre and excellent flexibility.
- Supplied in wide 5.2m rolls

- Load-bearing layer reinforcement / stabilisation in road, rail and airport construction
- Reinforcement of temporary site access roads and transport routes
- Rehabilitation of waste ground
- Carpark subgrade stabilisation
- Port facility subgrade stabilisation
- Industrial yards subgrade stabilization

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