Dunedin City Council
Mt Grand Reservoir Drainage/Leak Detection System.
Tenax Tendrain Drainage Blanket Located Under Reservoir Liner.
Fulton Hogan Ltd
Auckland City Council
Queen St. Aotea Square Upgrade.
Atlantis 52mm Thick Flo-Cell Green Roof Garden Drainage.
Hawkins Construction Ltd
NZTA / Tauranga City Council
SH1 / Waihi Rd, Bethlehem : Roundabout. Atlantis Flo-Cell 800mm Deep Strip Cut-off Drain.
Higgins Contractors BOP
Selected Geotech Systems Projects

Company Profile

We are focused exclusively on stocking and supplying Civil and Environmental Engineering geosynthetics that are innovative, cost effective and well proven in New Zealand conditions and take pride in our reputation and a 20 year history for excellence in all facets of customer service and technical support.

All of our products comply with the most stringent national and international standards and are selected from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Engineering with Geosynthetics
Our comprehensive product range can accommodate all projects:
  • Non Woven Geotextiles
  • Woven Geotextiles
  • Geogrid Reinforced Earth Wall / Slope Systems
  • Erosion Control Systems
  • Best Practice Stormwater Chamber
  • Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrids / Geotextiles
  • Sub-grade Improvement Geogrids / Geotextiles
  • Gabions and Mattresses
  • Drainage Net / Geocomposites
  • Geomembranes

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